Welcome to the internet’s premier trumpet exercises resource.

Trumpet ExercisesThese pages will soon be populated with everything you want to know about starting on your musical journey with one of the most expressive instruments on the planet. You’ll be learning a ton of theory and a ton of techniques regarding music in general, and there’ll be lots of links to separate sets of information that will prop up your trumpet knowledge as well.

Eventually, there will be clear collections of links for warmup exercises, historical information, places to find music for practice and performance, links to places to buy and sell your instrument, and much, much more.

It’s worth noting that most great trumpet players (and even a lot of trumpet teachers!) don’t have the time to write about their craft. So approaching the topic from a broader perspective, as a writer and a musician, should be good for both players and listeners.

Most people who begin playing the trumpet aren’t going to end up as famous bandleaders, concert soloists, or even public performers at all. The majority will be looking to play for personal enjoyment, and that is where this site puts its focus.

Stay tuned, and keep practicing!


Trumpet Embouchure – Muscle Strength and Technique

You can't play the trumpet without knowing how to buzz your lips, and that means understanding trumpet embouchure. But for such a simple concept, there's a lot of detail and a lot of science that goes into the musculature. And if you want just a simply example, get your trumpet out and record yourself, and alter the way your lips, tongue, and jaw are set as you play a single note.