“Caravan” The East-West Trumpet Summit


sheet-musicWatching the Feel of the Trumpet

Listen to the tone and watch these two float away. The direct translation between how you feel and what you sound like is very particular when it comes to certain instruments, and that short video performance is a stellar illustration of exactly that. The eyes are closed and the ears and minds are open.

It’s probably not my favorite recording of the trumpet sound, but at least the core energy of the performance is still there with it. This is also a pretty classic setup regarding the piano, the drums, the standup bass, and in this case, two trumpets playing in tandem.

And even if you don’t like the music, if it’s too complicated for your ear or doesn’t move you from a melody standpoint, if you take notes about the movement of the players in particular, you can pull out the jazz trumpet techniques that they’re using in order to inspire your own intrigue.

You may not be planning on performing at this kind of level for people yet, but that fact that you have these kinds of melodies and concepts in your mind is going to set you apart from those who are approaching the instrument from a more vague level. No matter what your current skill level – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – the more you absorb the movement of pieces like this – and both watching and listening is important – the more answers you’re going to get for questions that you may not even know that you have yet.

When learning an instrument like the trumpet, the amount of frustration that people go through is excessive, and most are going to stop before they even get to the point where they can enjoy what they’re doing. But, if you know that learning plateau is coming before you get there, and you meditate on the meaning of music itself, you’ll find that all those hurdles come and go naturally, and your ability to express yourself as a musician will come into that infamous ‘zone’ that much more quickly.