Ensemble Trumpet Performance Videos To Capture Your Imagination

Sometimes what you need as an individual player, in order to inspire your musicianship, is to see and hear how music works together as a group, and watching an ensemble trumpet performance might be the ticket to getting your passion for the instrument ignited again. All the scales you play and the theory you learn – what does it all lead to?

Depending on where you are in your journey to learn, you might feel like the personal return on investment is pretty minimal. But if you want to see the end result of the fingering exercises, the embouchure drills, and the hours of practice, then maybe look at where you would fit in a band setting rather than just on your own.

Check out the following ensemble trumpet performances and see how each person’s effort fits into the group dynamic. Look and listen for their techniques. Watch posture and physical movement if you can. Absorb and enjoy!