Trumpet Embouchure – Muscle Strength and Technique


Trumpet Embouchure Exercises AreĀ All About the Buzz

Trumpet Embouchure Exercises

You can’t play the trumpet without knowing how to buzz your lips, and that means understanding trumpet embouchure.

But for such a simple concept, there’s a lot of detail and a lot of science that goes into the musculature. And if you want just a simply example, get your trumpet out and record yourself, and alter the way your lips, tongue, and jaw are set as you play a single note.

After you get that recorded, go ahead a play it back. Listen to how drastically the tone changes. And that’s just on a single note! If you can use a graphical EQ display, check out how radically the waveform changes.

Now, if you can learn to control those changes through the use of your embouchure, both to improve in a personal sense, and to add to your range of possible tones, then you’ll get past one of the creative plateaus that every trumpet player hits at some point.

Exercise and Information List

Here are a list of a few good sets of information and several embouchure exercises, and each will be given a detailed review along with suggestion here at the site over time.

Video and Audio Examples

  • A solid if somewhat long video explaining embouchure and related techniques:


None of these single links seem to have a complete view of embouchure, but when taken all together, should give you, the trumpet player, at least a place to start with your own studies.

After you work your way through this information, be sure to work through your trumpet warmups, and study the theories that allow you to put your knowledge to work, and then watch some clips of the masters. Playing the trumpet isn’t just about the physical act of playing – it’s about understanding the instrument as a whole, and the deeper you look into even things like trumpet history