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Trumpet Exercises

The best trumpet exercises to help your learn to play your instrument. From breathing techniques, to basic scales, to fingering charts and applicable short pieces to play, we've got you covered!

Trumpet Exercises – Main Concentration Points

This list here will get you started. Each exercise will be expanded on over time here with more examples and challenges for you as...
Full Trumpet Fingering Chart

Trumpet Fingering Chart with Short Physics Explanation

Knowing the trumpet fingering chart is a pillar of playing the instrument. Right when you're beginning to learn to play, fingerings are one of the basics you have to know before anything is going to work. First, you have to know how to buzz into the mouthpiece, and then you have to know which of the three valves to push down to get which notes.
Trumpet Embouchure Exercises

Trumpet Embouchure – Muscle Strength and Technique

You can't play the trumpet without knowing how to buzz your lips, and that means understanding trumpet embouchure. But for such a simple concept, there's a lot of detail and a lot of science that goes into the musculature. And if you want just a simply example, get your trumpet out and record yourself, and alter the way your lips, tongue, and jaw are set as you play a single note.
trumpet scales

Trumpet Scales – Theory and Execution

Learning and playing trumpet scales are one of the cornerstones of successfully learning how to play the instrument to the best of your ability....

Trumpet Warm-Ups And Practice Tips

Trumpet Warm-Ups For Beginner Through Advanced Players Soon after choosing to learn to play the trumpet, you'll find that you can only practice or perform...

Trumpet Exercises – Lip Flexibility

Lip Flexibility Means Musical Flexibility This set of trumpet exercises will get your lips moving in the right direction to tighten up your chops. Think...