Trumpet Masters – Miles Davis


Miles DavisMiles Davis Gives You a Trip Into His Mind

For Listeners:

If you don’t know Miles Davis, then you don’t know the trumpet. Even casual comers to the scene understand the importance of Bitches Brew and Kind of Blue, and if you want to get into the guts of your instrument, follow the tunes and tones of Davis into the depths where you’ll find not only him, but yourself as well.

The Miles Davis movie, Miles Ahead, is a solid dramatic presentation of the life and times as well.

Just listen, and search your mind to think if you’ve ever heard anything like it, and then remember that the core of this madness is the sound of the trumpet.

For Players:

If you want to take some of your playing to the next level, consider finding a few favorite tracks of his. And then before you play your next practice session, but them on and just close your eyes. Listen to his approach to the music, his ability to experiment with every aspect of the sound. Subtly, without trying, without working at it, see if you can shape your sound to what you hear. It doesn’t have to be fast. It doesn’t have to be loud. It doesn’t even have to be technical.

His playing is all about feeling. But, it was about his feeling. Now it’s your turn to find out what your feeling is. You don’t have the same demons as Miles Davis does, but you certainly have your own. And it doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years old or 80. Your breath, your lungs, your internal pressure. Create the pathway for that emotional value to come out, and you’ll know what it means to be a trumpet player.

It’s interesting to note that so few modern players find this degree of depth, though it’s hard to comprehend why. What was so different about that era of music? When you come to your own conclusion, wrap that answer inside and out of your performances, and see what happens.