Trumpet Samples and Software Options


Where To Find Trumpet Samples For Your Productions

As a trumpet player, you may also be a music producer, which means that in addition to recording your own cuts, you might want to use trumpet samples from time to time. These samples might be in the form of completed loops, or they may be single notes that you trigger from a MIDI controller of some kind.

Trumpet Samples
Sample Modeling has a great, realistic trumpet emulator plugin for producers.

Some good examples of ways to use these trumpet samples might be for backing up your personal performances, to help your practice your scales and exercises more realistically, or just to add energy to your practice sessions. With a pretty minimal amount of effort, you can really amp up the enjoyment factor by creating a bigger sonic environment to play over, harmonize with, or just use to help you with rhythm and flow.

Since the trumpet is such a distinct instrument, and since it cuts through mixes quite well, it’s not surprising that the hooks in a lot of great pop music center around that shiny pop of single-tone trumpet lines. You can use that to your advantage in a number of different ways, and the familiarity factor also gives an instant feel to your produced music. Plus, because the trumpet is a cornerstone of several different genres, including blues, jazz, pop, and classical, you can fine tune your tones and arrangements to prop up any kind of desired effect.

The following links will send you to some of the better known or more popular places to find these types of resources. Come back occasionally to see this list develop to include more places.

Trumpet Emulators

Trumpet emulators are going to be more math and physics versions of tone creation, rather than recorded samples themselves. The programmers and designers who have put together these emulators have analyzed things like attack and decay values, resonance frequencies, and the sound wave makeup of vibrato, and then created an interface where you can play any note you want with a MIDI controller, but then adjust all of these other tonal parameters on the go to create a synthetic but very natural trumpet sound.

Sample Modeling – The Trumpet v. 3

Ueberschall – Trumpet 2

Trumpet Loops and Sample Packs

Loops and sample packs are going to give you full, recorded trumpet lines that have been processed to give you options for your productions that have built in tone, rhythm and flow. Many times these samples have been played by professionals with top-quality instruments, recording by amazing microphones, and then processed by engineers with some of the best hardware and software in the world. The quality is there – it’s just up to you to use them! You can always chop them up to get some more customization, and that adds to your skill set as a producer as well.

Sound Effects, Hits, and Free Resources

If you just need a small amount of trumpet flavor in your productions, there are all kinds of free resources out there with single hits, or presented as sound effects. The quality isn’t always the best, but for hits, stabs, one-shots, or background material, you can’t beat free!