Trumpet Warm-Ups And Practice Tips


Trumpet Warm-UpsTrumpet Warm-Ups For Beginner Through Advanced Players

Soon after choosing to learn to play the trumpet, you’ll find that you can only practice or perform as well as you can work through your trumpet warm-ups. And though that may sound like it isn’t the most exciting way to approach playing, it is by far the most effective.

Finding a routing of warming up your lips, going through breathing exercises, doing some gentle lip buzzing, then focused lip buzzing exercises, and then finally actually putting the mouthpiece on the instrument is going to make you better much faster than you’d think.

The Secret To Warming Up

Part of the trick of learning to play the trumpet well is that you have to set yourself to enjoy these warmups as you play them. Find ways to add variations into the mix. Find tracks to play along to that keep track of time. Create practice methods that don’t bore you, but instead give you a sense of focus and purpose.

You can practice for hours and get very little out of your session if you aren’t completely sold on what you’re doing.

Whereas if you know what your overall intent is, you can get a whole lot of benefit from just a few minutes. That is the biggest secret about trumpet warmups!

Now, there is a lot of focus on the technical side of playing the trumpet, because for all of the emotion that goes into it, it’s an extremely technical tool. However, especially early in your learning process, if fun turns into frustration, take a step back. If the technical elements get in the way of your enjoyment, pause for a moment. Too many potential musician lose themselves in the quest for technical perfection. All of these exercises are intended to help you find your own sound eventually – not to box you into someone else’s version of what’s good for you!

The Point of Warming Up

  • Allows practice of full, rich tone production techniques
  • Helps beginners memorize trumpet fingering chart positions
  • Engages lip and tongue muscles slowly, and increases flexibility and endurance
  • Complete range of expression able to be played at will, from comfort playing very low notes to comfort playing high notes eventually
  • Creates a musical routine to solidify the memorization of the trumpet fingering chart
  • Allows relaxation and muscle memory for use in actual performances later
  • Can be used as a meditation and connection to musicality!

Beginner Warm-Ups

And beginner trumpet warm-ups aren’t just for people just starting to learn the trumpet. No matter what your skill level, you can always head back to these to work on your music fundamentals. But especially as a beginning trumpet player, you should make sure that you have all of the basics down completely and naturally before trying the harder exercises. If you move too fast down the road to intermediate and advanced theories and techniques, there’s the potential to get frustrated or pick up back habits.

So clean your trumpet, sit up or stand up into a good posture, and move your way through the following. If you’re sensitive to volume or in an area where you need to be quiet, consider using a trumpet mute for part of your routine. Just remember that the back pressure on the air will make a slight difference in your embouchure and lung power needs.

Video Of a Typical Trumpet Warm-up Session

Intermediate Exercises

Advanced Techniques and Workouts

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